On This Day She


Our book, On This Day She, is published in the UK by John Blake Books – and in India together with HarperCollins India and Australia through Allen and Unwin. Find out more, including links to buy the hardback, ebook and audiobook, here. And if you missed our online book launch, a recording is available on our Events & Interviews page.

Praise for the book:

Ginny Carter (Amazon): “Brilliantly inspiring: I expected to enjoy learning about women I’d never heard of and their amazing achievements, but what I didn’t expect was how inspired I would feel. If you want to unleash your inner superwoman, this is the book for you.”

Jacki Wilkes (Amazon):It is the best way to start the day, 5 mins is all it takes to be inspired by this gem of a book and all its female (often unsung) heroines and other remarkable women many of whom would be unknown or forgotten. An absolute must have!

Bean (Amazon):This is not just a book. This is a weighty historical document that should be read by everyone!